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Kaitana Magno
Co-Founder,Creator,Director, Producer

Kaitana grew up in the world of classical ballet, training and working with iconic artists from The Kirov Ballet, American Ballet Theatre, and New York City Ballet.

Building on the incredible foundation of theatre, music, dance and rich production values, Kaitana expanded her skills as a performing artist. She went on to work at the forefront of immersive theatre and events in New York and London as a producer, director, and choreographer. For almost a decade Kaitana served as the Worldwide Artistic Director of an infamous theatre of varieties,  opening locations from the ground floor in New York City, London and Dubai. In addition to being an Associate Director for NYC’s off-broadway hit and immersive dinner theatre sensation, Queen of the Night, she has directed and curated various high profile productions and events all over the world. 

In 2018 she co-founded her own production company and produced, wrote, and directed what Forbes called "New York's hottest new immersive show", Carmen, To Havana And Back. Kaitana continues to create and collaborate with highly specialized production teams, entertainers and performing artists on new works.

Photography by: Adrian Buckmaster


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Jimmy Sutherland
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Co-Founder,Director,Producer, Dramaturge

Jimmy Sutherland is a tap dancer, beat-boxer, percussionist, actor, director, composer, and producer based in New York City. Since the age of 4, he has performed in venues around the globe and has maintained a dedication to the performing and rhythmic arts throughout his life and career. His unique and versatile abilities have opened many doors, enabling him to collaborate with a variety of musicians, filmmakers, theaters, companies, and visual artists ranging from highly celebrated to underground legends.